Condo Associations

Collect Monthly or Quarterly Maintenance Fees

Collect and deposit monthly or quarterly maintenance fees, assessments, and dues for the associations (including coin such as laundry income). ACH debit payment options are available for the convenience of home owners.

Accounts Payable and Receivable Services

Provide accounts payable/receivable services on behalf of HOA/Condo associations.

Accessible to Financial Statements

We provide monthly Profit and Loss Reports as well as General Ledgers that can be accessed on our proprietary website.

Track Delinquency

Track and notify delinquent accounts.

Administrative Services

We provide Administrative services such as background checks, special mailings, and delinquent notices.

Assist and Provide Documents for Closings

We prepare Estoppel letters for units that plan to sell.

Complimentary Budget Planning

Annual budget planning provided for current clients at no charge.